Monday, February 25, 2013

Next Major Meteor Shower - Lyrids - April 22, 2013

Even though we're in a quiet period for shooting stars, it's never too early to get the next meteor shower on your calendar.  On April 22, 2013, we'll get to enjoy the Lyrid meteor shower!  This amazing show features beautiful bright meteors with tails.

You will usually see 10-20 meteors per hour at the peak, but Lyrid showers are sometimes known for unusual surges in the rate up to 100 per hour.  These surges are somewhat unpredictable though.

Best time to watch: After moonset or before dawn on April 22.


Photo: Wikipedia Commons


  1. Best time to watch crosses two days in span, at least in that order. Does it mean moonset on the 22nd and dawn of the 23rd, or moonset of the 21st, and dawn of the 22nd?

  2. is there a latitude from which this will be most visible?