Monday, April 1, 2013

Bright Comet ISON to Make its Appearance Later This Year (2013)

Comet ISON (as named by Russian astronomers in 2012) has the potential to be the brightest comet to be seen in decades according to a recent report by NASA.  Around October 1st of this year (2013), this comet will pass within 6.7 million miles of Mars on its fall towards the sun.

This comet will make a close approach to the sun around November 28th, passing within 750,000 miles of the sun's visible surface and may be visible in the sky as its ice sublimates from the sun's heat.  Although some or most of the comet may erode, Comet ISON will likely continue its journey outward from the sun, passing by Earth in December.  It will continue to be visible at twilight throughout the month of December, 2013.


Photo Courtesy of:  NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center/Axel Mellinger

Photo Courtesy of: NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center/Axel Mellinger

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